Friday, 3 April 2015

Summer Amsterdam photography

Cold, wind and rain can wait, is Almost summer and Amsterdam can't wait to have that beautiful scenery of colours light and warmness.

The colourful landscape of the tulips, the beautiful windmills in Zaanse Schaans, the beach the dunes,  parks, forest.

Full of life, just feel like to be in a dream i guess that to be foreign in this country make you see the things in a different way, something new, and also to appreciate more the little details that this beautiful country have in the summer.

Summer colours 2015

Do photography is not easy, always you have to think in all the details, props, colours, stile, combinations, light places, illumination, to make a photo shoot is not just click the button, it is to make that moment of magic, because will be save it forever on image, even when the photo it is the most natural possible, still we as a photographer are giving the touch that we have ourself, that unit that people can recognise and see the image and think this photo could be taken for this photographer, 
all that you reach by being creative, passionate  love what you do and get so much involve in that moment, that moment will be never repeat in your life.

Some beautiful props for this season. 

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