Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Who is Libia Arteaga Photography?

   Libia Arteaga



Photographer in the Netherlands

I am creative since i was a small kid, i was always thinking that i would be a fashion designer, i loved to brake cloth apart then later on put it together with different kinds of fabrics and my own stile.

I was always drawing bodies of woman in a different  cloth styles and position, i loved to see  and created beauty, my youth in Mexico i can say i spend with very creative minds, all around me was full of photography, cinema, design and music, my ex boyfriend is a photographer to used to be in that ambience.

I start to take photos just with a small camera or cel phone, i love to capture nature and later on learn a  more about framing and composition.

We explore together the world also of serigraphy (Silk screen print)
that is a bit the base of old photography mix photosensitive emulsions to create art.
I learn how to work in  dark room to develop photography, printing in B&W labs.

I start to specialise my self went to a profesional photography school Called Fotovakschool quit famous and the oldest photography school in the Netherlands.

Now on i specialise in artistic portrait, family photography, kids photography, baby photography, New born photography and Pregnancy Photography.

I can feel just grateful to have this opportunity, to see life inside and then later on the result of the 9 months creation.

I am myself in my 38 week of pregnancy as a photographer i could not enjoy even more this feeling.

See the creators of life itself in front of my eyes.

I just can say i love my job.

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